Why Aspadol Affects Men and Women Differently?

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Aspadol 100

It is when you experience a moderate to severe pain that you use aspadol 100 mg. This is a medicine which acts by binding to opioid receptors in the central nervous system. Therefore reducing perception of pain. To eventually provide you with effective and quick relief from it. 

Although, prior to using aspadol 100 you must understand that it is likely to affect males and females differently. Simply due to the variations in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics seen in both the genders. 

There are various factors like absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion etc that can affect pharmacokinetics within the body of male and female. Therefore, here is presenting a few facts explaining the possible Aspadol affect on Men and the Aspadol affect on Women.

Correlation Between Body Composition and Aspadol Tab 100mg Absorption:

From a physiological point of view Men and women in general have different body compositions. With females having a higher percentage of body fat. Now, fat has a direct impact on drug distribution. 

Which means that on consuming an aspadol tablet the concentration of Tapentadol in various tissues in man and woman will differ significantly. Therefore ensuring that the  Aspadol affect on Men and the Aspadol affect on Women is not the same. With women more prone to experiencing serious side-effects due to consumption of an aspadol 100 dose than men.

Impact of Hormones on Aspadol Affect on Men and Aspadol Affect on Women:

The  Aspadol affect on Men as well as the Aspadol affect on Women can have a serious impact on hormones. Especially in women. For example, hormonal fluctuations that a woman during the menstrual cycle can directly have an effect on metabolism of aspadol 100 mg.

Enzymatic Action and Aspadol Affect on Men and Aspadol Affect on Women:

Enzymes responsible for metabolism of aspadol tab 100mg present within the body of a male and female also vary in males and females. Which is why when a man and a woman take an aspadol tablet at the same time. The manner in which Tapentadol exerts its effects is not the same. Therefore eventually leading to several significant differences in Aspadol affect on Men and Aspadol affect on Women.

Renal Functioning and Its Connection with Men and Aspadol Affect on Women:

Renal clearance is the process through which consumption of aspadol 100 mg is removed from the body. Now, the effectiveness of this procedure will vary between males and females. Therefore differentiating between  Aspadol affect on Men from  Aspadol affect on Women.

Sensitivity of Opioid Receptor to Consumption of Aspadol Tab 100mg:

Usually, on taking a dose of aspadol 100 the expression and sensitivity of opioid receptors will differ in a significant manner between men and women. Thereby, having a direct effect on the way Tapentadol in the aspadol 100 mg binds to the opioid receptors. Finally, leading to variations within Aspadol affect on Men from  Aspadol affect on Women.

However, you need to understand that although differences between genders do have an impact on Aspadol affect on Men and Aspadol affect on Women.  There are other factors that contribute. They are  genetics, liver and kidney function, and concurrent medications.

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