Tramadol For Premature Ejaculation: Can It Help?

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Tramadol 100mg

Are you a man suffering from premature ejaculation pain? Do you want a medicine that can help you resolve this ‘Sexual Dysfunction’ effectively? If you are then, tramadol 100mg is a drug that can provide you with the perfect solution to your problem. 

Also, generally speaking it is a medicine that is an opioid painkiller. Which you use often as a prescription medicine in the treatment of mild-to-moderate pain. 

When you take a tramadol 100 mg tablet it works dually by binding to the opioid receptor binding, blocking the Serotonin and Norepinephrine Reuptake process, by affecting a central nervous system, and by antagonising NMDA receptors.  

However, these days the use of a tramadol 100mg pill has shown clinical evidence of being effective in managing premature ejaculation pain too. It is moreover essential to note that since this medicine is an opioid painkiller, taking this drug may involve significant risks that include side-effects. 

Here is presenting an article explaining a few facts about tramadol 100mg and its possible effectiveness against premature ejaculation. 

What is Tramadol 100mg?

‘Opioid Analgesic’ is the best way to define tramadol 100 mg tablet. Typically, you can use it to get relief from moderate-to-severe pain. Also, it is available in a wide range of dosage strengths. This includes tramadol 100mg.  

Usually, you take this opioid analgesic from pain you acquire from surgery or even from an injury.  

How is This Pain Medication Prescribed?

A tramadol tablet 100mg is also available in other dosage forms that includes liquid solutions and tablets. In terms of pills this medicine is available in the extended release and long lasting dosage forms.

In case you have prescribed a tramadol 100mg dosage by your doctor or healthcare professional then, you need to follow all directions given by them.  

What are Some Of The Side-Effects and Adverse Side-Effects of Tramadol 100 mg Tablet?

Similar to most medicines, when you take a dose of tramadol 100mg there is a possibility that you may experience a mix of mild-to-serious tramadol 100 mg tablet side-effects. They are as follows: 


  1. Headache 
  2. Nausea 
  3. Constipation 
  4. Muscle tightness 
  5. Alteration in mood 
  6. Dry mouth 
  7. Indigestion 
  8. Dry mouth  

Adverse Side-Effects:

Like most medicines when you take a tramadol 100mg dosage there is a possibility that you may experience a few serious side-effects as well. 

  1. Hoarseness 
  2. Rash 
  3. Hives 
  4. Hallucinations 
  5. Difficulty breathing 
  6. Loss of coordination 
  7. Appetite loss 

How Does This ED Medication Help in Effective Management of Premature Ejaculation Pain?

As per a few scientific studies, the use of a tramadol 100mg dose can help in reducing the severity of the premature ejaculation pain. For example, a study dose of tramadol 100mg by the  Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine in 2013,  showed that men who used this opioid analgesic for twelve weeks on a daily basis experienced an increase in ejaculation latency time.  

During this study it was shown that the men possessed a mean ejaculation time of 59 seconds. Which is just under one minute. However, by the end of the study the average ejaculation time did range from 200 to 238 seconds.     

Overall, the studies done on tramadol 100mg eventually suggest that in theory at least you can take it for managing premature ejaculation pain. Which you can do either on an as needed or daily basis. 

Where Can You Buy Tramadol 100mg Online?

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