Green Health

by Mark Robinson
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Green Health

Adapting to a ‘Green’ lifestyle means you plan to eat to stay healthy while ensuring that the environment is sustainable and ‘Clean’. As per the World Health Organization WHO, nearly twenty-five per cent of diseases in the world occur because of factors seen in the environment. Therefore, these days it is daily becoming necessary to focus on what we call ‘Green Health‘. Here is then presenting to you this article to enlighten you about the easy ways which you can use to go ‘Green and Healthy.

Use the recycling process:

One unique feature that you can use to stimulate a ‘Green Health’ lifestyle in your life is to use the composting and recycling procedure. Therefore, when you use compost, it helps you create natural fertilizers from items such as food scraps. Furthermore, composting enables you to depend less on inorganic and more on organic compounds as part of your daily diet.

On the other hand, the use of the recycling process helps in the preservation of natural resources and the reduction of pollution. Thus, recycling products such as plastic, tin, aluminium, and glass helps conserve your environment and energy.

Consume Organic Food:

It is a fact that natural food items that include fruits and vegetables are free from almost all growth hormones, antibiotics, and even pesticides. Therefore, it is essential to eat more of this type of food with fewer toxins and more nutrients to stay fit in daily life.

More importantly, organic farming used to produce this type of food also helps maintain a ‘Clean and Green environment by improving soil and water quality.

Usage of Green Cleaning products:

These products comprise mainly ingredients that do not possess chemicals. Therefore, the possibility that they will adversely affect your skin, eyes, lungs etc., becomes minimal when in use. Cleaners which are eco-friendly consist of pine oils and citrus seeds. Another benefit of using such products is that disposal is straightforward.

Presence of Houseplants:

In the atmosphere surrounding us on planet earth, Volatile Organic Compounds VOCs are available in large quantities. They are essentially vapours or gas content from a major component of smog.

More importantly, their presence can seriously have an impact on your health. Therefore, you must get home houseplants such as parlour palms to reduce or eliminate the effects. A few studies suggest that such a plant can remove VOCs from the air, especially in well-lit areas.

Exercise via walk or bike:

Using vehicles in your regular life via a car or motorbike adds pollution and a lot of calories to your body. Also, it triggers a rise in blood pressure and makes you obese. Therefore, this ensures that your life is very sedentary, as a result of which you cannot manage a green, healthy lifestyle. Moreover, if you regularly use a bicycle or walk, then it does help to boost your mood and sleep better.

Move away from the virtual world:

It should be no surprise that stepping away from virtual reality and going outside will relax you, reduce tension, and improve your sleep. Also, it turns out that disconnecting from the hustle and bustle also has environmental benefits. Greenhouse gases, which trap heat in the atmosphere and contribute to global warming, are produced by electricity. Above all, the United States is currently the world’s second-largest source of greenhouse gas emissions.

Eat more ‘Clean and Green’ food:

Besides, we could also avert over 11 million deaths annually from conditions like heart disease and diabetes. Especially, if everyone eats more vegetable items and fewer animal products. Additionally, since plant-based foods do not require as much to produce, it is also healthy for the environment. By going ‘Clean and Green’ then, you stay fit while keeping the planet more sustainable for the future.

Green Health

Therefore, if you are looking to initiate a plant-based lifestyle ‘Green Diet’ high in fibre and nutrients is available. There are three of them available in the form: the DASH diet, the Mediterranean diet, and a hybrid of the two known as the MIND diet. When you consume any of these, you can lessen the risk of developing diabetes. Besides, it also helps lower your blood pressure and bad cholesterol and helps you maintain a healthy weight.

Clean and Green food to avoid:

Also, it is a fact that not all plant-based foods are wholesome. Although they don’t contain many nutrients, white rice, pasta, and processed bread contain preservatives. Furthermore, sugar levels in cereals and fruit juices can be high, so you must avoid them.

Drinking of the tap, not bottled water:

In countries such as the United States of America, the tap water that flows from it is the safest in the world. Many mineral water brands use this water. Besides, the bottles used to store water can have chemicals, thereby increasing the chance of contamination. Therefore, drinking tap water as part of your ‘Green Health’ diet is advisable.


In today’s world, with global warming on the rise, it is a great idea to follow a ‘Green Health’ diet. Since it provides benefits to your body while ensuring the preservation of the environment surrounding you.

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