Covering Newly Discovered Viral Diseases Like Nipah Virus Or Hantavirus

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Viral Infection

These days there are a couple of Emerging viral diseases that have been discovered that you need to understand. Besides, the viruses causing new viral disorders include Nipah virus and Hantavirus. 

You must know about them as they can be a source of medical concern. However, to decode and understand the Nipah virus and Hantavirus you will need to learn a few essential facts about them. 

Here is then presenting this article explaining all the things you need to know about these two viruses that are causing Emerging viral diseases.   

Nipah Virus and Hantavirus facts that you need to understand: 

Origins of Nipah virus and Hantavirus: 

It was in Malaysia in 1999 that the Nipah virus was for the first time identified. This occurred when an outbreak of infectious diseases caused by these viruses spread among pig farmers and eventually humans. Meanwhile, Hantavirus has been known for several years now. With different types found in various regions around the world.  Usually, they have an association with rodents.  

Nipah virus transmission and Hantavirus transmission:

Usually, Nipah virus transmission occurs from animals to humans. Through the consumption of contaminated fruit or contact with infected animals.  Besides, human-to-human transmission has also been documented, especially in healthcare settings. 

In the case of Hantavirus, the transmission of this virus occurs through inhalation of aerosolized particles. Which contains virus particles from rodent urine, feces, or saliva. Also, Person-to-person transmission is rare.  

Nipah virus symptoms and Hantavirus symptoms:

 Like most Emerging viral diseases Nipah virus infection can trigger a few symptoms. These include fever, headache, dizziness, and respiratory issues. Finally, an infection caused by the Nipah virus can progress to encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) and may prove to be fatal.  

The Hantavirus symptoms on the other hand can range from mild flu-like symptoms to severe respiratory distress. Besides, a Hantavirus infection can also cause severe symptoms in the form of Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS). Which is characterised by acute respiratory failure. That can be fatal if this Hantavirus symptom is treated on time. 

Nipah Virus and Hantavirus Geographic Distribution:

Usually, the presence of Nipah virus has been identified in several countries. Especially in the Southeast Asia region. It includes nations such as Bangladesh and India. Also, you need to understand that this organism causing Viral infections is zoonotic. Which means it can be transmitted from animals to humans. 

Meanwhile, several Hantavirus strains are found in specific geographic regions. For example, the Sin Nombre virus variant is found in North America. On the other hand, the Hantaan virus is prevalent in Asia.  

Prevention strategies for Nipah virus and Hantavirus:

To prevent Nipah virus infection there are a few preventive measures that you can use. They include avoiding contact with sick animals, refraining from consuming raw palm sap, and practicing good hygiene. Besides, you need to understand that at the moment there is no specific antiviral treatment which is available. However, experimental treatments are being explored.  

Meanwhile,  to avoid acquiring Hantavirus infection you need to avoid contact with rodents, ensure proper rodent control in and around the home, and also practice good sanitation.

Research study on Nipah Virus:

For the Nipah virus and other Emerging viral diseases, there are research studies that focus on understanding the virus and developing vaccines and treatments for it. 

Besides, in the case of Hantavirus and other rising Infectious diseases, the primary focus is on understanding their ecology, and transmission, and developing better diagnostic tests.

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