Common Misconceptions About Narcodol 50mg Tablets

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Narcodol 50mg

Narcodol 50 mg is essentially a medication that you use in the treatment of severe acute pain. It contains domperidone, paracetamol, and tramadol. On taking a narcodol tablet this medicine works by blocking pain transmissions. Which acts helps to drive your perception of pain effectively away. Now there are certain misconceptions about the chief ingredients of Narcodol 50 mg that exist. Here are a few insights about these drugs that you need to know about.

Myth No 1: Domperidone in Narcodol and Its Effectiveness Against Gastrointestinal Issues:

Although Domperidone, a key ingredient in narcodol tab is known for its effectiveness in relieving symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders. These include nausea and vomiting.  It is not just restricted to that use, and is prescribed for other conditions. Such as gastric motility disorders along with preventing gastrointestinal side effects triggered due to certain medications.

Myth No 2:  Paracetamol in Narcodol Tablet is Completely Safe to Take:

Typically, Paracetamol which is a major component of narcodol tab is a very safe medication that you need to take within recommended dosage prescribed by your doctor. It however becomes unsafe to take when you exceed the recommended dose leading to liver damage. Therefore, it becomes essential that while taking a medicine like narcodol you follow the dosing instructions prescribed by your physician or pharmacist. By not exceeding the recommended maximum daily dose.

Myth No 3:  The Tramadol in the Narcodol Tablet is a Non-Addictive Pain Medication:

‘Opioid Analgesics’ is the medicine group to which Tramadol in the narcodol tab belongs. It is a drug that helps in efficiently managing moderate to severe pain. Moreover, when you take a dose of narcodol 50 mg the Tramadol in it can trigger dependence and addiction. Although at a considerably lower level than other opioid analgesics. Hence, it is necessary that you use a narcodol tab only under the directions of a doctor or healthcare professional.

Myth No 4: Narcodol 50 mg is Only a Pain Medicine:

When you take a narcodol tab it helps in effectively resolving mild-to-moderate pain issues. However, it is also true that one of the many narcodol tablet uses includes decreasing nausea and vomiting and symptoms. Which has association with headaches or menstrual cramps.

Now, as the narcodol tablet uses are varied it is a medicine that you must take if you want to resolve especially pain issues. So, if you are looking to buy narcodol tab of high-quality and at an affordable price then, you need to shop at our ‘E-Shop’. Come visit us to purchase more generic medications at to get a $25 discount on every product.

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